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Updated: May 21, 2020

1. What book are they from?

"507 Mechanical Movements" by Henry T. Brown. It was originally a reference published in 1868.

2. What are they made out of?

There is another blog post about how they are made! In short, I designed them in Solidworks or Onshape and printed them all on Form 3 3D printers.

3. Why are some skipped?

I skip some of the less novel ones. For example #12 to #23 are all different configurations of pulleys, so I picked three of those and skipped the rest for now.

4. Why are the descriptions so odd?

For the nameplates on each machine, I took Mr. Brown's description and abridged them to fit in the space. It's a balance of the spirit, the goofy 19th century phrasing, and brevity.

5. Can I download CAD or .STL files?

Not at the moment, but I'll be working something out soon. Contact me for specific inquiries.

6. Can I use the images on my site/blog?

Probably, but I'd ask that you link back to the site and ask me about it first.

For all other questions, send me a message from the "contact" page!



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