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Updated: May 21, 2020

My name is Sam Schmitz and I'm a mechanical design engineer at Formlabs. I've always loved Henry T. Brown's book "507 Mechanical Movements," which is a reference of mechanisms written in the 1860s.

I started this project in December 2019, and I'm still deciding where I'm going to take it. I'll cover why, how, and frequently asked questions in other posts, but for now I want to thank a few people who have helped me, by writing a script, starting and washing prints for me, or just being very supportive and enthusiastic. Thank you Robert Gambee, Lucian Chapar, Niki Entin, Chris Mandy, Sean Munnis, Kevin Hansen, and the whole Martens team.

I would also like to thank Matt Keveney of His awesome website animates many of the movements and it was another big inspiration for me. Please check it out and share his site as well!


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